Charity Fundraising

We have access to every Charitable Trust out there thats in the business of donating funds to charities and there are literally thousands of them.

First of all, and after agreeing the method numeration via a contract, we get down on paper every small bit of detail about your project[s] that require funding and the statisitcs that the project delivers and even goals and aspirations for the future. We’ll also help to put toegther a draft budget for the project.

Project funding can also mean that in some cases, there’s not only cash available for your project – and in some cases, there is funding available, even for salaries!

We then match your project[s] against the specific funding criteria of the Trusts and assemble a comprehensive list of charities who would be willing to fund your project.

Then after consultation with your charity, we will write bids and funding applications and start to forward your applications to those charitable Trusts that are on our list.

Purple-Hart are renumerated directly by the charity in the form of a small monthly retainer over 4 – 6 months (our prefered method), or via a 10% fee of all monies raised. If insufficient funds have been generated to cover over the retainer period, Purple-Hart will continue it’s fundraising activity with your charity for up to a year.

Please bear in mind that a few charitable trusts sadly have been known to take up to 1 year to process and complete their applications. Fortunately, on the other hand, some can complete within 6-8 weeks.

In the past few years, we have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for good charitable causes ranging from homeless projects to school outreach projects.